Peer Review Guide:

2 May

• Introduction: Is the title/intro. clear in presenting what the research paper is about?

• Audience: How does the writer appeal to the audience? (emotional/factual?)

• Major Points: What are the major points of this paper?

• Purpose/Thesis: Does the writer support the thesis/purpose of the paper? Is there evidence to prove the main point?

• Organization/Flow: Is the essay easy to follow? Are there effective transitions? If not, how can the writer better the essay’s flow?

• Paragraphs: Which paragraphs are presented well and which need improvement and development (make suggestions)?

• Conclusion: Is the conclusion well developed, or does the essay just suddenly stop without a proper last assessment?

• Grammar/Sentence Structure: Overall, is the essay well written? Are there any awkward sentences? Does sentence structure vary (does it get boring)?

• Overall Thoughts: What are the main strengths and weaknesses of this paper

• Visuals: Do the visuals help or distract from the purpose of the paper? Should some be taken out, or should more be added?


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